Sunday, August 26, 2012


I love the new Bugis + (formerly known as Iluma).

Peach Tart with Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Strawberry Tart

Super love Ma Maison's Tarts (tried almost all and loved it all). My bf and I always go to the Ma Maison at Central for their tarts and escargots.

MUST also try their Ma Maison LOCOMOCO with Brown Sauce. The Ma Maison brown sauce is amazeballz. Been so in love with that restaurant ever since my friend M introduced it to me.

Then there's Bon Chon Chicken beside. A lot of ppl talked about it on Twitter so i couldnt wait to try it. I tried the Bon Chon Chicken with hot sauce and it was soooo good I had to order more to take home. :)

Also in love with Mochi Sweets! The Mochi shop is on the 2nd level near Bershka :) If you have never tried mochi before, you gotta try it! It's like ice cream wrapped in a soft chewy skin. Dont know how to describe la haha. I tried the Sakura, Mango and Green Tea flavoured ones. Love em all! It's about $2.80/piece. Expensive but worth it cus it's SO good.