Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Only $21!


Sorry for the lack of updates, the whole week i was SO BUSY. I am gonna be even busier next week. SIGH. But i'm only young i will work hard while i can.

Anyhooows, here's some good news for Ohsofickle shoppers!

I intend to launch a IT'S ONLY $21 collection every month or so. Seeing how this upcoming collection goes first before i promise another one of such collection! 

What is IT'S ONLY $21 all about?
It's gonna be a collection where i price all items which are NOT under the OSF label at $21. Basically means those items which other blogshops are selling. I will launch 30-50 designs in that week and all the non-OSF Label items will be $21 (which most blogshops would price at around $25-30)! That will mean my profit margin is gonna be pretty low so i need to sell A LOT more pieces. That will mean i need more customers, that will mean i need more people to share this piece of good news!

How can you start sharing this news? 
Well you can "Like" & "Share" the latest IT'S ONLY $21 AUGUST EDITION album on the OSF Facebook page!

I will see how this first launch goes and if all goes well (meaning i can cover all my costs) I WILL DO IT EVERY MONTH!

For the OSF Label items, the prices are still gonna be around $24-$35 as the workmanship of the OSF Label items are very very good and therefore, my cost is pretty high. Plus, it's ONLY available on my web store! The OSF Label all about exclusivity and quality. :)

Here's the preview of the IT'S ONLY $21 AUGUST EDITION.

OSF Blazers! The blazers will NOT be $21, they will be $32! New cutting for the white, pastel yellow and black blazers! With shoulder pad and more fitted. Our past few blazers were all Boyfriend Blazers. The Floral one on the right is the Floral Dreams Blazer in Black. The white one sold like HOT CAKES! Hope ya'll like the Black version! :)

More can be found on the OSF Facebook Page

See you on 13 August, 9PM at