Saturday, August 18, 2012


Today my iPhone and Wallet got stolen at IKEA. I was careless, i left my bag unattended in the trolley while i was choosing curtains. It was only beside me whoever who did it must've been very near me and VERY quick.

Anyhow, i blame my carelessness and i must learn to NEVER leave my belongings unattended EVER AGAIN. Losing both the most important items in my life in a day is SO SO SO PAINFUL. I couldn't stop crying!!! It was WORSE THAN A BREAK UP. I feel so lost without my phone.....NO INSTAGRAM....RAHHHHHH! Need to get my IC done again (3rd time!!!)....and also get a new phone. SIGH.

My IMEI number  is 013007002816429 

If someone decides to sell it to you, check the IMEI number and please report that person to the police or to me also can! It is a Black iPhone 4S 16GB.