Friday, September 21, 2012

Abs Diet

The most effective way to slim down and have a nice body is to have a healthy diet and an exercise plan.

In my last sentence i did say i will share with you some of my knowledge on Diets. So here i am, sharing The Abs Diet!

If you are planning to get a nice abs, you have to follow a SUPER STRICT diet!

For me, i cannot even do it because i am not disciplined. I kinda have abs from my many years of exercising but they are not defined at all. Most of the time it's not visible.

 Unless i just worked out. But i don't wear clothes baring my midriff all time time and if i choose to take a picture of myself exposing my midriff, i'd definitely take that pic on a day i think it looks good so you'd think i look like that everyday! :X But the sad truth is, it doesn't. I do have days i over eat and have a bulging tummy! I am considering to start training like mad in November and blogging about my progress cus I want defined abs at Zouk Out in Dec. Haha. But we'll see about that! I eat out too often and it's quite difficult to be strict when eating out. :(


And if i reeeeally want to achieve it by December i will have to give up A LOT of my favorite food! :(

I know some people who work out A LOT but still don't see abs.


You can crunch yourself into a coma and and still not have the body above.

Do you know that crunches are strengthening and toning exercises AND DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO REMOVE THE FATS. You can do 200 crunches everyday for a week and your abs will still not show if you do not lose the belly fat and follow a good diet. Look at the world record holder for the most number of crunches! He doesn't really have the most perfect abs! 

You can have a hard tummy that is full of muscles underneath but you will not see it because of the layer of fat above your muscles. To lose belly fats, you have to do running, swimming or aerobics. Then when your fats are gone, training for abs will be easy peasy!

Getting abs is 70% dietary effort & 30% proper workout. Diet is SUPER important!

Here are some food you should BAN from your diet when training for abs...

Processed foods.
Canned soup, hot dogs, luncheon meat...etc.

Sugary Stuff
Sweets, cookies, ice cream. All that sugar will not help you at all.

Sweetened Canned Drinks
Coke, Sprite, 7-UP,...etc.
 (you should also avoid the Season's Ice Lemon Tea, Pokka Green Tea...etc cus even though it's not gassy it is super sweet and contains a lot of sugar)


White bread and White rice. 
(It is said that polished white rice and sugar contain only carbs (starch) as all the necessary nutrients are removed while whitening and polishing it. Have whole-grain breads or brown rice instead.)

Food you SHOULD eat when training for abs...

Eggs (2 eggs a day without the yolk. if you like the yolk then have just one yolk)

Almonds & Nuts! Unsalted.

Soy (tofu!)

Fruits (apples are the best!)

Instant Oatmeal. 

Vegetables (have PLENTY! have it with every meal. in your sandwich, your soup, your pasta...etc.)

Yogurt (1-2 cups of fat-free or low-fat yogurt a day. add some berries in it to make it yummier)

Fish. Salmon is the best! (raw, pan-fried....up to you!)

Whole-Grain Breads And Cereals

Beans (chickpeas, kidney beans...etc)

Lean Meat. (Beef, Pork, Chicken Breast...etc)

Here's a sample menu you can follow for the Abs Diet.

3 eggs omelette (remove the yolks, just keep 1 yolk) with chopped broccoli
1 big apple
1 cup of yogurt

Chicken Breast
Half a cup of brown rice

3 ounces of Salmon
1 cup of mixed vegetables

Keep a packet of almond in your bag in case you feel hungry! Drink PLENTY of water. Only drink water! Avoid the sweetened drinks.

If you follow the list of food to avoid and exercise regularly, i am very sure you will get your dream body in no time! :)

I may know quite a bit on how to get abs but i still am not disciplined enough to follow the super strict Abs Diet. Ever since i knew so much about the diet to follow for abs, everytime i look at someone with a fantastic bod, i REEEEALLY admire their determination and commitment! Actually it isn't THAT difficult what right? Haha. But i just really really enjoy eating and cannot give up most food like canned soup, and cheesy hot dogs. 

So if you have been exercising and still don't see your abs, i hope this post answers your question!


If you just want to lose weight and not get abs, it's very simple! Just EAT LESSS and EXERCISE MORE. It's as simple as that! There's really no huge secret to losing weight!