Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Inspired

"Tammy, why do you eat so much but never get fat?" 

"How do you maintain your body?" 

I get people asking me this question ALL THE TIME. 

My secret?


I do not exercise A LOT though but i guess enough to not get fat. :)

I do not have the most perfect body. I know people would say "aiya be happy with what you have" but i don't want to until i have a body like that...

This is my motivation. I might never get a body exactly like that because i LOVE to eat though. Lol.

Still, i look at the picture and it makes me want to go exercise! Like right now, i feel like changing into my sports attire and running shoes and go jogging! 

If i listen to what people always say, "BE HAPPY WITH YOUR BODY! YOU LOOK GOOD ALREADY", i don't think my body would be what it it today.

I would be lying to myself if i had a belly like this and said i was "happy with my body". That's just me. I know some people can be (well good for them!) but i can't. Or rather, i choose not to be.

I've seen things like this...

If given a choice, would you choose the body on the left or the right? 

The answer is obvious right?

If you're already "contented" with a fat belly, you will never achieve the body on the Right. So why be contented with a fat belly when you can get a better body if you're willing to work for it?

My whole life, i've never been fat because i've been doing sports since young. However, i also eat a lot of junk so despite exercising so much, i'm not skinny. 

After i got out of Secondary School, i stopped exercising and kinda gained weight and became flabby. My highest weight, 55kg. Not overweight but i didn't like how i look.

I hated how my arms looked. Oh and not to mention my chubby cheeks.

I am a model for my online store and want to look good wearing my stuff. Most blog shop models in Singapore are very skinny so when compared to them, i'm actually pretty "big". I was ALWAYS complaining but did not do anything to achieve a nicer body.

I think it got to a point everyone found me annoying. Even i found myself annoying.

Tried to stop eating. Dieting did help me lose weight. No doubt. How can you gain weight from dieting right?

My face and my arms became smaller!

But was i happy? Not at all.

Everytime i deprived myself from eating, i felt depressed. In order for me to get out of that depression, i have to eat. When given the permission to finally eat, i stuff myself like mad and gain even more weight. It was a cycle. It was unhealthy. My weight fluctuated like mad.

In just a month, i gained back all that i lost...

Face became fat again.

But i was happier being able to eat! However my confidence level kinda dropped too.

So this went on and on till i told myself this...


I realized dieting alone does not help me achieve my ideal body. I realized exercising is WAY more effective than dieting. If you diet, you have to be very strict cus once you give in to temptation, you gain weight again VERY quickly. However if you eat and exercise, your metabolism will be higher so even on days you don't do anything, your body is still burning fats. If you're toned, you look slimmer. This is no lie at all. I am around the same weight as before however i look SO much better now because i am toned. 

Oh and i realized jogging helped me get rid of my fat face FAST. When i first started jogging, i always feel the fats on my cheeks bouncing up and down! Today, i can hardly feel it So if you want a slimmer face, try jogging! 

It sure isn't easy to squeeze time to exercise but i do it cus of my motivation (the VS model). My schedule is CRAZY!! I work like 10 hours a day. However if i can squeeze in 1 hour to go work out, SO CAN YOU! :)

Diet is also important but i'm sure every girl knows that eating McDonalds everyday is not going to help you lose weight. Try to avoid oily deep fried stuff. Try to not have it at all. If you HAVE to have it, make sure you exercise harder! 

A good choice at a food court is fish soup with rice/noodles. Ask for more fish (i will add $1 more), and less rice/noodles. Carbohydrates are OK! Just don't have too much if you want to lose weight! If you completely cut it off you will notice a huge difference in your energy level and wouldn't be able to function well. You need the energy if you are constantly up and moving. If you are going to exercise, you need to fuel your body or you will faint.

There's a lot more about food i want to share! Will do another post on Diet when i'm free! :)

I hope this post inspires you to pick up those running shoes lying at the back of your shoe cabinet! 

I know of some readers who actually joined the gym after seeing my previous post! SO HAPPY FOR THEM! 

p.s I am no fitness expert. Just a normal girl who has seen what exercising regularly has done for me!

p.s I know this post is a lot like the previous post i did a couple of months back but i know it won't hurt to inspire people to get fit or just lose those extra pounds.