Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour

My first ever FAN GIRL post!!!

I've never really been a huge fan of any boy bands before. I mean i do love many many bands but not to the point i want to meet them, hug them and kiss

Yesterday i went for the Big Bang Alive Tour Concert at the Indoor Stadium!!

With Lyeyee and Mavis!

If you don't already know, i am a big fan of Big Bang!

My favorite is TOP!!!

Followed by GD!!! Actually i like them all....they are an amazing group!!!

I still cannot get over how awesome the concert was! Words cannot describe how happy i was to be SOOOO near them. I thank Ly's bro for helping us with the queueing! It was crazy, they queued since 11am. Oh but there were some really hardcore people who queued since midnight! Can you say Cray Cray?!?! I even saw a group of girls who started queuing for the next day's show when i was queuing up! Which means they intended to queue over 24 hours?! Wow....

Anyhooows, here are some videos i managed to take of them, secretly. I was pretty near the stage so the security kept smacking my phone away. Pfft.

Ok the video is very small and horrible cus I'm using an iPhone 4 to secretly take it. I doubt anyone would bother watching it but me. 


I am extremely jealous 4 of my friends got backstage passes to meet them. SIGH. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!! Was told GD is really stuck up though. Quite sad cus he is so cute and looks like so much fun! Oh and they also mentioned that TaeYang is really playful and friendly! :) I shall pray for a miracle that later i see get to meet them in a club. Hehe. PLEASE TWEET ME IF YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOINGGGGG~~~~ ID LOVE YOU FOREVERRRR!