Saturday, September 15, 2012


Gushcloud Rewards is back!!!

You can start earning money on Gushcloud again! 

How to earn? 
Tweet about a brand, follow a brand on twitter, complete a survey or visit a brand's website! On average, you get to earn 30cents to $2 per task. 

Gushcloud just launched a mobile app on the App Store! Download the app to gush on the go, and earn money on the go! No reason to be lazy to earn extra moolah. :)

Simply go to the App Store on your iPhone, search "Gushcloud" and DOWNLOAD THE APP.

Here's a step-by-step on how to use it to earn $!

Step 1: 
Sign In to your Gushcloud account

You can choose to Sign In using either Facebook or Twitter. I suggest you connect both to your Gushcloud account. 

How to connect both FB and Twitter account to you Gushcloud account? 
Go to, register using your email. Use that registered email to Sign In the app.

You will be directed to the welcome page when you have signed in...

Step 2: 
Go to Campaigns

On the top left hand corner, you will see an icon with 3 bars, click on that and click on Campaigns.

Step 3: 
Choose a campaign you want to Tweet/Like/Share!

For this campaign i chose, all i have to do is "LIKE" them on Facebook and i earn 39GP!

Step 4: 
Follow the instructions on the campaign you chose.

For this campaign, i had to click "Start".

I was directed to the Guinness Singapore Facebook page where i had to "LIKE" to earn my points.

Step 5: 
Rate the Campaign

Once you have completed the task, you will be asked to Rate It!

AND YOU'RE DONE! In just 30 seconds, i earned myself 39GP.

10 GP = SGD$0.12 (approx)

So in 30 seconds i earned myself around $0.48! 

Imagine i share 10 campaigns a day (which will take around 10 min or so) and each campaign i earn $0.48, that will be like $4.80 earned in 10 min?! People working at McDonalds need to spend 1 hour working to earn that money!

To check the total GP you have earned, click the coins in a cloud icon at the top right hand corner!

And once you're done with all that tweeting and liking, i'm sure you'd wanna know how to GET YOUR MONEY!

How to Cash Out?
Go to
Click Rewards (at the top left hand corner)
You can choose to Redeem something, Withdraw the cash or Donate it!

I hope you all like this iPhone app. :)

I'm sure the people at Gushcloud worked extremely hard to put this together because it is really impressive!