Sunday, September 9, 2012

School Days

Lying in bed reminiscing about my younger days. It is scary how time has gone by. The people I've met, the people I've lost, the people I've kept...

So here I am, writing this post since everything is still fresh. It is gonna be nice to read it again a few years down the road. :)

In Primary 1 I was enrolled in Ai Tong School and was in that school for about 3 years. I remember always wanting to be the first to reach school. Which meant the sky would still be pretty dark and sometimes, the school gate isnt even open. #kiasu Because of that I met a lot of people who were not in my class who were early birds too. I was a very sociable girl back then! I remember myself joining the volleyball team cus i loved sports. I was the youngest cus back then as you need not have a ECA (yeah it was called ECA in those days) till Pri 3. I hung out a lot with my Volleyball mates who were older than me and from primary one I saw myself having a lot more freedom compared to my peers cus instead of going home after school hours, i went to Thomson plaza & junction 8 with the seniors pretty often. Oh and my nick name was Pikachu & Mew. Yeah, I used to be a Pokemon fanatic & wanted to be a Pokemon. Lol.

In Primary 4 I had to transfer school cus my parents decided to move to the east side. It meant I had to make friends all over again. Was already familiar with the east side though, cus even when I lived in upper Thomson I still remember going to parkway parade very often. It doesn't look anything like what it is now though! It was a very very boring mall. I liked the arcade at parkway parade back then though! There was a carousel inside the arcade and a lot of "animal rides" that will bring you around the mall. Not to forget the popcorn and cotton candy machine in the arcade. Why isn't there an arcade that fun and big anymore?! Or is there....?

So anyhow, I transferred to Ngee Ann Primary. First week of school was scary for me. I knew no one. That was when I changed drastically and became extremely shy and quiet. Nothing like the sociable me in Primary 1. The part where I enjoyed going to school first and being first in the line didn't change though! I went to school super early and sat there alone watching people play catching and having fun. I had a keychain on my bag which read "Happy" & remember Ly( my bestie till today) and YH, both from another class discussing if my name was "Happy". They didnt ask me though, they just whispered beside me and stared at me. Haha. First day of school i met YR, my classmate, who became my bestest friend in primary school. I remember teaching her how to roller blade after school all the time. YR was a pretty popular girl and she introduced me to many many people. Thanks to her I had a lot of friends! I'm not sure how I was going to make new friends if she wasn't around cus I was sooooo shy. I joined the Netball team and that was when Ly (my bestfriend of 10 years now!) talked to me and asked if my name was Happy.

I also had a best friend called E, whom I was very close to because of our love for sports. She was a really competitive girl though and we fought a lot. I was kinda always in her shadows as I didn't really dare do anything to stand up for myself. A hell lot of drama in my friendship with E but I guess she made my life more interesting! I'm not one who quarrels with my friends. She is the only friend I've ever quarrelled with (till now I still haven't quarrelled with anyone besides her), I think? Many friends discouraged me being friends with her cus her character was not pretty and so many times i wanted to break all ties with her even until i went to Secondary school but always gave the friendship another shot cus of the thick and thin we went through.

Our friendship ended on the last day of Sec school when we got our Os and I never heard from her since. It was a good and bad thing for me. It was like a break up. I loved her despite her flaws. She could be nice at times too. She had to be, otherwise our friendship wouldn't even have any Ups. But I guess it's also a good thing, to not have someone constantly competing with you. Hope life is treating her good and that she still remembers me despite all the crazy fights we had! Wont be surprised if she actually bad mouths me too. It's just so in her to do that. Haha. Hopefully she has changed for the better? Maybe she has stopped disliking everyone she meets? Maybe she is a nice and humble girl now? I hope so...I'd be happy for her.

Oh I forgot to mention, I joined quite a lot of CCAs. Besides Netball, i was a Librarian and a table tennis player. I also liked Break Dancing and have actually performed Break Dancing in front of the school. Me, Break Dance, Fo REAL.

PSLE results came and I didn't do so well, scored 197 and couldnt go into the school I wanted to go to, which was Katong Convent. Actually I could go there but would've been in the Normal Acad stream. I didn't wanna waste a year in sec sch so I chose Ngee Ann Secondary (cus of the affiliation). A lot of my friends were going there too so it was kinda good.

Was quite sad though cus i also had a lot of friends going to other schools. I was pretty close to the whole netball team and half of them were not going to be in the same school as me anymore. Most painful was that YR and I had to part! She was the nicest person I knew. Always protecting me from getting bullied and stepped over.

Recently Eric and I were talking and he happened to be in the same school and knew her! Oh how happy I was to talk about her. I kinda miss her! She was like a big sister to me. A sister i wish i had. Actually come to to of it, everyone I knew was like a big sister to me cus back then I was very tiny and i guess people liked to protect me? Hahaha. God knows why I'm my build now. I was always the shortest girl in class till sec 2, I shot up like CRAZY. It was scary cus imagine the shortest girl in class becoming one of the tallest in just a year? Stupid body. I wish I was petite yknow! I am like a giant now. Zzz. Well but at least I experienced being the most petite girl in the group once~ Not everyone can have both the experience of being the shortest and tallest (yeah in both my diff cliques now, im like the tallest) in their clique in their life right? Hehe. :P

Thank God all my life I always had plenty of good friends around me! It is quite surprising considering I am such a shy and timid person and have never really gone up to anyone to make friends with. So I really am so glad so many people actually took the initiative to talk to me and be my friend. The beginning of a friendship with me is tough as hell because all I do is smile and not utter a single word and wow, so many people actually got through that phase and have became the closest people in my life.

For my primary school friends, I feel quite terrible not being initiative enough to contact them all but then again technology wasn't so great back then I guess. If Facebook & Twitter was around since I was 12, I'm sure I'd still be in contact with most of them. :(

To all the people whom i was friends with and still remember me from primary school, thank you for being a part of my life. I wish you all the very best & hope one day we will meet again. :)

And to LY, who is still part of my life till today, WOW TO US! IT'S BEEN 10+ YEARS! I LOVE YOU :)