Thursday, October 11, 2012



Jacket + Shorts from
Sunglasses from ASOS


  1. Hi Tammy!
    i love ur browns so much! been reading with ur replys from those anonymous who have been asking bout ur brows, i know that you say you did 3d creativy eyebrown for $300 plus at sofia brown house, and the person who did it for you was called apple. May i know which sofia brown house is it located at you went?
    how did you tell apple what kinds of brown you wna so she ended up do this for you?
    i did eyebrows embroidery too, but it dont last at all. I did bout 2 months ago. It ended up looks like nothing.
    I love ur brows so much, need ur advice how did you actyually trim ur brows and mantain it whenever ur brows hairs grow.
    I did follow the shape and shape it but it still turn out to be very ugly!
    i look at ur pictures, ur brows look greish and abit brown. Then i went to buiy grey and brown brows pencil, it still dont help.
    Help me!
    Much appreciate if you could reply.. Thank You!!!

  2. Great post, complete links, cool