Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cosmic/Galaxy Nails

2 weeks ago i did a manicure and today i did again. 

I loved my previous Cupcake nails but i got kinda bored of it :X. Oh and i broke a nail which made it not so pretty anymore. :( I don't know about you but pretty nails make me happy and i want my nails to be pretty 24/7! So i booked an appointment today with Jaezy and walked out of her place with nails looking like this....

What do you think?! Pretty?! :D

Contact Jaezy at 91796632 to book an appointment! Reasonable prices cus she's doing from Home. One of the best manicurists i know of in Singapore, who isn't from
 She lives at 128 Rivervale Street so if you live around that area, LUCKY YOU!!!

Jaezy also just started a Facebook page so do show her some support and take a look at her works posted there