Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nail Art - Jaezy Nails

My set of nails for December!

Jaezy told me a lot of my readers end up doing the same nail design when they go to her cus they dont know what design to do. I guess now she must be pretty bored of cupcakes and galaxy nails. Hehe. Anyway, so happy yall went to her! I hope you love your nails as much as I love mine! :)

Anyway, I'm always saving nail art picx so here are some ideas for your next set of nails. Jaezy is damn talented so you can trust that your nails will turn out just like the picture you bring her!

Contact Jaezy at 91796632 to book an appointment! 

Reasonable prices cus she's doing from Home. One of the best manicurists i know of in Singapore, who isn't from
 She lives at 128 Rivervale Street (Seng Kang) so if you live around that area, LUCKY YOU!!!

Which design do you like most? 
I like the moustache one!