Saturday, December 15, 2012



Apology from the organizers, Inknlight & I.

Hi all,

Thank you all for your genuine and honest feedback. It is our utmost regret that as organizers of the event, it was not managed properly as we did not expect the overwhelming crowd that turned up for the event. We used the previous OSF Clothes Buffet crowd and timings as a rough gauge for this event. But it seems that we had underestimated it this time round.

Greatest apologies to the lack of ventilation for those queuing up on the stairs and the lack of shade for those queuing up under the scorching hot sun. Also, our sincerest apologies to those who have que-ed up for almost 2 hours but yet did not manage to get their hands on any stock.

We understand that firstly, if the crowd is going to be this big the next time round, the venue will definitely be bigger and be better suited to accommodate more people; especially the crowd that are queuing up for their turn.

Secondly, the crowd will be better managed in a way where we will minimize que cutting and the wastage of time queuing when stocks run low.

Thirdly, we will definitely ensure that there will be sufficient stock to clear before holding another similar sale. We could probably post a rough estimate on the pieces of clothes, bags, shoes to be cleared prior to the sale so you girls will know what to expect. But please understand that as much as we would like to cater to everyone, stocks are still limited at the end of the day.

We will continue to take all your comments, suggestions and feedback seriously and handle future sales as best as we can. We will definitely look into how future sales can be handled more effectively and efficiently. We seek your kind understanding and forgiveness for the mistakes and misjudgment made in this event. This is a very valuable lesson learnt for all of us.

Please do continue to support Ohsofickle in her upcoming collections, sales, promotions and events.


I cannot feel any more terrible then I feel right now. So the Ohsofickle EOY Sale was a success for me BUT I disappointed too many people today as we didn't have sufficient stocks for everyone. I thought we had! I really should've been more optimistic and expected a bigger crowd.

I was not prepared for such a huge turn up. It was MASSIVE. The amount of people who turned up was so shocking...I've never seen such a huge crowd for any events I've ever participated in.

It's a warehouse sale so we cleared everything that was leftover in 2012. There were a lot of stuff however it still wasn't enough for all this who turned up. So we ended up disappointing those who were behind in the queue.

The event was supposed to start at 11am, however there were people starting to queue since 9am. Which means by the time we opened the doors at 11am, the queue was already super long. By 12pm, the queue filled the whole of Purvis Street and it got longer and longer every minute.

In the office, we allowed 40 to enter at one go and every 15min we allowed a new batch to enter. All the 40 who entered in 15min, most of em walked out with over 6 items. So in 2 hours, most stuff were sold out so we had to announce the bad news to those who were queuing that we have insufficient stuff for them. I felt SO BAD when my staff told me "Really cannot more things". I was panicking. I wish I had a back up plan but I alr brought every single leftover piece and there was no more left. Then came tweets, tweets of disappointment. I was SO sad. I didn't know what to do, in fact there was nothing much I could do already. I seeked advices from ppl, everyone said "Calm down, there's nothing you can do to please everyone. No stocks means no stocks."

So yeah, I know I have hundreds of angry OSF supporters right now and I am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I really wish I prepared myself for the massive crowd.

For the next OSF event, I promise all of you that we will manage this better. If u have any suggestions, feel free to share with me how we can make such events run better. We were thinking of doing pre-ticket sales before the event so we can control the crowd better and also releasing the stocks at different timings etc.

For those stuck in the queue under the scorching hot sun, I am very sorry and I hope to seek your understanding. Hope to still see you for the next OSF event. Thank you all for your time and patience! Not forgetting, the support for Ohsofickle. BIG BIG LOOOVE TO Y'ALL!! Don't be mad at me alr okie? I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!