Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2

Yesterday i was given tickets for the Gala for Ah Boys to Men 2! 

Thank you Gushcloud for the opportunity to watch it before it gets released!


I must say it's one of the BEST local films made in Singapore. Gives you an idea of what the guys in Singapore have to go through in army. I liked Part 2 A LOT more than Part 1! If you liked Part 1, you have to watch Part 2! I really want to tell my boyfriend and all my guy friends how proud i am that they went through all that shit in army. 

I highly recommend this show to guys and girls.Guys who haven't gone to army should watch it to be mentally prepared for what's going to happen inside, and those who have served their 2 years would also enjoy it as it'll bring back some good and not so good memories. And girls should watch it to know what guys have to endure for 2 years and if their bf is in army, learn to control themselves and not cheat cus it's so painful for the guy!