Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favourite Youtube Channels

Just here to share a couple of my favorite Youtube Channels! I'm always on YouTube. I'm on Youtube like EVERYDAY? It's like my TV at work (i don't even watch real TV so when people tell me about local celebrities i feel so stupid! i only know celebs thru Twitter/Instag).

Posting a video of theirs and their link so you can subscribe to them and watch them when you're bored!

If you're feeling bored right now that's why you're here, YAY!! TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!!


Love their Kids React, Teens React and Elders videos! Shows how the kids/teens/old people react to viral videos.

Dope2111 a.k.a Promise Phan

One of the best make up artist on Youtube! She is also related to Michelle Phan (the most popular beauty/make up guru online)!

The Brother Riedell

Knew about them from Internet Icon (a youtube show hosted by Ryan Higa). They make super good videos! Like out of a movie kind?! You must check 'em out!

The Fu Music

I also knew about them from Internet Icon! 2 brothers who are really good at music and are so humble! They seem like ANGELS. Lol. If you followed Internet Icon from the first episode to the last, YOU WOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM FOR SURE. Such nice guys are hard to find. I hope they get more and more popular because they totally deserve it!

Justin James Hughes

One more guy i discovered from Internet! Super cute, super funny. Oh and his body is quite yummy. Hehehe.


Beauty/Fashion guru who is SUPER CHIO!! There are a lot of great beauty vlogs out there but i really like her most cus her face is Gorgeous.

Jenna Marbles

I used to find the way she speaks weird and kinda annoying. However, i still continued watching because her videos are watched by MILLIONS and if so many million people watch and subscribe to her channel, it can't be that bad. Now, I LOVE HER!!! She is HILARIOUS. Love that she says a lot of things i think about but just never really came out of my mouth.


This guy does not need any introduction. One of the guys i REALLY WANT TO MEET ONE DAY. He is smart, funny and SUPER CUTE! Plus he has a really good body. I LOVE YOU RYAN HIGA!!! You should also check out his friends! They are all soooo funny! It's true when they say "Birds of the same feathers flock together" cus THEY ARE ALL AWESOME.

I have a lot A LOT more Youtube channels to recommend so TILL NEXT TIME!

If you can't wait for my next Youtube channels recommendation post, check this video out,

The last part of the video (the credits part), you can find the names of a lot of the awesome popular Youtubers starring in the Rewind Youtube Style video. :D

Feel free to recommend the channels you subscribe to and love! Can be music, beauty, fashion....whatever you think is worth subscribing to!

p.s Do you know most Youtube stars do videos full time? Some of them can make 5 digit figures  monthly from Youtube according to my friend (not too sure about that though?). Then again, like blogging, it's not easy to be on top and it takes a lot of time and effort! Plus, to keep their channel going, they've to post videos almost every week. It looks like a lot of fun though!!! I wish i had a mind like theirs, full of ideas all the time!