Tuesday, February 12, 2013



How's CNY going for you?

It's DAY 3 today and i'm down with a sore throat and flu. I can't get out of bed...i feel so sick. Must be the CNY goodies. My body finally decided to scream "STOP THE UNHEALTHY FOOD" today. I'm like eating every minute, every where i go! Dammit, Pineapple Tarts! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TASTE SOOO GOOD. Oh not forgetting the Ba Kwa. URGH.

CNY aint the happiest occasion for me. Every CNY, i wish i could pick up my courage to talk to most of my cousins but unfortunately, every year i regret not doing so. If only i could get drunk during CNY...i'm friendliest and do the most unimaginable things when drunk. Lol. Because i don't talk to most of my cousins (because they all have a lot of sisters/brothers and come in a group so it's quite intimidating to walk to them, alone), most afternoons i just sit there stoning. This year i sat there playing Candy Crush and Bubble Season to kill time. Last year was Temple Run i think? Oh what will i do without my phone!!! Thank God for the late nights at Donna's place this year after my super boring afternoon visiting. I am still super jealous for those who have siblings and are close to their cousins....I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO DURING CNY LEH!!! :(  I can't wait for the day i get to be close to my family. It will happen, it will happen!!!

Anyhows, some pictures this week....of me....