Thursday, March 14, 2013

BB Z10

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that i recently got my hands on the Blackberry Z10!

I've been wanting to get a 2nd phone for the longest time for work purposes and am glad that my 2nd phone is now the BlackBerry Z10! I used to be a BB user but switched phone cus i wanted a touch screen phone with a big screen. However, parting from my Blackberry was quite tough cus i left a lot of friends on BBM. BUT NOW I'M BACK AND... BBM on the Blackberry is EVEN BETTER because you have the ability to "share your screen" with someone! :O Can't wait to try that out!

Now with my 2nd phone, i don't have to worry about draining the battery on my main phone! My job as a blogger and online store owner requires me to be online almost every minute i'm awake so i really cannot afford to drain my battery.

On days where i'm out attending events after events and have no where to charge my phone, i have to "save" my battery life and jot down notes on my Planner instead of my phone.

With my new phone, i can say Goodbye to carrying my huge planner around!

 I intend to listen to music and play games on one phone, and on my Blackberry, it'll be where i do all my work on! From updating my schedule to replying emails and not forgetting, surfing the net. The Blackberry 10 browser is AMAZINGLY FAST!

Also, i love how the keyboard is bigger compared to my other phone so when i type i dont make much mistakes! Hehe. "customizes to its owner". Meaning, if you always type words which are not in the dictionary, it will be recognized on your phone.

eg. I like to use acronyms so whenever i type something like "ILYSM" (can you figure what it means? Lol!) on my other phone, it will Auto Correct to something else WHICH IS ANNOYING. But on the Blackberry, you will not face such an issue! It will not auto correct your words to random stuff and completely change the context of the original message you want to send (which can become a joke...which can sometimes be super embarassing. just take a look at hahaha)

One more feature i like a lot is that when you open multiple tabs, you can see a preview of the app opened. Whereas for the iPhone, you can only see the icon of the app opened.

The only problem i have with it right now is that it doesnt have Instagram so i can't post pictures from the phone. However, it's okay! The people from Blackberry informed me that it will be available SOON! Really looking forward to that. :)

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