Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPhone Picx

Been awhile since last updated my blog with picx!

Here's a short update cus i'm waiting for time to pass before going to the airport to board the plane back to SG (if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you'd know i'm in Amsterdam!).

Having a conversation with Daphne's dog, Puteh!

The day we played Running Man in SG! Blue Team all late...hahaha. We all failed to wake up on time.

Blue Team!

Red V.S Blue V.S Green

David and Cherie helped us organize everything! :D

One of the task is to walk around Tampines Mall buying stuff with their legs tied together.

Met Mae from the Green Team in the Toilet
Green Team!

Sticking post its for one of the tasks.

We had to do the Harlem Shake and try to get all the post its off our body.

This task was to get the bowl full of water across a long bridge, without spilling. NOT EASY!!

Night ended at Gardens By The Bay. Was just a trial run for the game and the next round we might look for videographers to help us film it! It was so much fun and i can't wait for us to capture everything on video so we can share it with y'all. :)

My yummy japanese waffle ice cream from Sakuraya Fish Mart Parkway Parade

My new addiction. Sneakers with hidden wedge. The 2 above are from GoJane. I HAVE 6 DIFFERENT PAIRS NOW! My shoe collection is INSANE...i need a nice proper shoe cabinet so i can show y'all how many shoes i have right now haha. #shoewhore 

Leopard Prints Make Up i did for the Maybelline Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara Launch at Mink.

Maybelline Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara Launch at Mink. GO TEAM GUSHCLOUD!

With pretty bloggers Hayley and Eunice!

After that i met sister Pony for a night out at Zouk. TGIW FTW!!!

Met Carol that day for Korean BBQ! LOVE LOVE LOVE KOREAN BBQ!!!!

Hiro just wants to say hi! CUTIE PIE!!!


Can't wait to blog about Amsterdam! :D

Today i experienced SNOW! SO HAPPY~~~