Monday, April 15, 2013


I cannot stop shopping on Kwerkee while working on this post, cause everything on their site
is just so freaking “kwerkee”!

If you haven’t heard of them, you’re really missing out in all the queer, interesting and fun stuff
for the last “almost” one year!

They are a website by Reebonz, dedicated to design for home and lifestyle products. And
trust me, their stuff are really unimaginable. Best thing is, they’re constantly updating their site
with cooler products *I honestly can’t stop shopping* !!!

Here’s some of the stuff I like and thought I should share you with guys…

1. All Gold Steel – a quirky and interesting accessory I’d love to have on my wrist!

2. Tin Toy Little Soldier Cymbal – I love vintage toys/ figurines. It gives a classic cute touch to
my furniture and even in Choop’s cooper!

3. Ladyland JC12 Necklace – If you’re too lazy to dress up, this chunky yet classy piece
should help you make a statement to your outfit in less than 5 minutes!

4. Loop Cable in ZigZag – No more ugly and dull looking cables to charge my phones (iPhone
and Blackberry). This comes in other designs, and is compatible with android smartphones

5. Portable Retro Radio – only FM and AM, functions compatible with iPhone. Something I’d
bring with me for shoots, to the office and gatherings!

6. Beer Monster Bottle Opener – “He fears no beer! Devours bottles and cans!” My favorite
tool and accessory to bring around now, not that I drink a lot but he’s so cuteee~!

But before you get too excited and bounce away, here’s one more piece of good news for you!

What’s more, Kwerkee recently introduced their Badges! The more active you are, the higher
level you reach for the badges.

How cute are these badges?! I’m working my way towards earning the Eagle badge!

Hurry sign up or sign in to become Kwerkee’s member as a Freshie! Start your journey early,
and enjoy their complimentary credits and birthday discounts!

One more thing, quote my “TAMMY15” code to enjoy a further 15% discount from now till 26
April, with NO minimum purchase.

Shop awayyy~~~