Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In my Mookata post (here), i introduced 4 Mookata restaurants in Singapore! I've already tried 3 out of the 4 restaurants mentioned, several times at each restaurant because I'm such a fan of BBQ meat! Hehe. Then Sunday i finally tried...MOOJAA.

My Verdict?


For the sides, we ordered Fish Skin + Cheese Balls + Som Tum (Papaya Salad). My bf loved the fish skin and I love the Cheese Balls. I am just not a fan of fish skin but if you are, it's really good! BUT THE CHEESE BALLS WERE AMAZABALLS. The cheese inside's like Nacho Cheese? Super cheesy and yums! The Som Tum was so-so only know. Felt that the papaya used was a bit too soft? Oh and wished it was spicier too but i don't blame them as not many Singaporeans can take it THAT spicy. Guess i'm too used to the Som Tum in Bangkok already.

Unlike all the other Mookata restaurants i've been to, there's a "hole" in the table at MOOJAA so when there's wind, the oil will not splatter on your face/body! Now this has to be one of my favorite place for Mookata because i won't feel so dirty and smelly after my meal and i also will not have to suffer from oil splattering on my face! One time, it hit my eye and it HURT SOOOOOO BAD OKAY!

The chicken was not as tasty as Golden Mile's and Tom Yum Kung Fu but it's Healthier at MOOJAA - less seasoning and all. We also got a "premium" meat plate, which consisted of Angus Beef and Kurobuta Pork! THAT WAS REALLY GOOD SO YOU MUST ADD THAT IN YOUR ORDER WHEN YOU'RE THERE. 

The soup has NO MSG - unlike the soup served at the other 3 places. My bf added clams and prawns in the soup to boil so the soup ended up tasting like seafood soup - really yummy! AND NO MSG I REPEAT.

The Thai Milk Tea they served was ONE OF THE BEST I'VE TRIED. It was not too sweet - WHICH I LOVE!!! Usually Thai Milk Tea is SUPER DUPER OVERLY SWEET. I never order my own cup cus i don't like my drink too sweet, but after i tried a sip from my bf's cup, I JUST HAD TO!

2 types of sauces, Chili and Seafood Sauce. The taste was yummy but the chilli was not spicy enough. But it's okay, they gave us Chili Padi and Garlic to add in so it ended up perfect! The seafood sauce was really nice too but i prefer my sauce to be spicy. 

The cleanest, most hygienic and least smokey Mookata Restaurant FO SURE! Oh and also, not hot!!! FIRST TIME NOT PERSPIRING WHILE BBQ-ING. AWESOME!

I rate MOOJAA - 4/5 stars!

25 Keong Saik Road (around Chinatown) 
Tel: 65364780

They are on Instagram too! 
#moojaa, #moojaa_mookata