Monday, April 22, 2013


New Arrivals for the web store on 23 April (Tuesday), 7PM at

Big BIG Thank You to the people from Vodien for monitoring my webstore for the past few launches and ensuring that the web site does not crash! 

Since the last crash which made so many customers disappointed, and not to mention, ME, Vodien has been helping me monitor the website really closely and making sure it won't repeat. It has been around 2-3 collections since the last crash and it has been running smoothly so i am really thankful they did something for me! 

Now i feel so terrible for scolding them which explains why i decided to add this paragraph in this post. :)

Vodien manages Singapore's top blogs and online stores so yup - they're good! Just that previously, my package could not hold the visitors going in the site as i was not fully prepared for the huge amount of people entering the site at one time.