Saturday, April 6, 2013

New In

My week has been crazy hectic! Parents went back to the US for visiting and i am handling the house with my 2 fur kids alone as well as the operations in the office. So tiring and crazy i fell terribly sick but  could not get proper rest. :( I'm so glad i'm all better now though! Miraculously. Can't wait for them to be back and for my life to become "Normal" again. Hehe.

I also realised i've been so busy that my hair and nails have been neglected so i am gonna book an appointment for it next week! Must always ensure your hair and nails look in tip top condition because it says a lot about you.

Also haven't been exercising much....maybe that's the reason why i'm falling sick so easily. Went for a 7km run last night but couldn't jog the whole 7km cus my nose kept running. We all know how difficult it is to breathe with a runny nose don't we?! Plus i was jogging and panting and....gosh it felt TERRIBLE. Came to a point was so desperate to blow my nose i used my jogging towel. It was so! Why am i even telling ya'll all this?! Hahaha.

I hope today the boy and i will do something interesting so i can come back home with pictures!


New Arrivals up on my webstore tomorrow!
7 APRIL // 7PM