Thursday, April 11, 2013


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Top and Shorts were old OSF collection stuff! Love it so much! :D Floral headband from Bangkok Platinum Mall.

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Today, a few Gushcloud bloggers - (who are all Pandora owners too) and I were invited to the preview of the Pandora Spring Summer 2013 collection!

Pandora is popular for their bracelet and charms! The best thing about Pandora bracelets and beads is that there are so many choices, each bracelet becomes an individual statement for the wearer. There's a charm for almost every occasion, so lets say you travelled to some country like Paris, you can get the Eiffel Tower charm to remind you of Paris! Or if it's your birthday, you can get yourself like a 21st Birthday charm.

Donna actually influenced me to get my Pandora bracelet and i never regretted it! It is so fun collecting charms! I have a 3/4 full bracelet now and i am quite excited to fill it up! AND THEN GET A 2ND BRACELET....HAHA. #CharmsAddict.

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Camwhoring cus she misses owning a Samsung EX2F. Poor baby lost hers in Zouk. Whoever the thief  is, PLEASE JUST MAIL HER MEMORY CARD BACK TO ZOUK CAN?! I totally understand how losing tons of pictures feel like. :( It's like you can buy a new cam, no problem, BUT U CANT GET BACK THOSE MOMENTS IN PICTURES AGAIN!

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We all went on a Yacht at One Degree 15 Marina for the preview. It was so fun getting to set sail with all the beautiful bloggers and not forgetting, getting a chance to see all the pretty charms! I was quite sad we couldn't buy it on the spot but it's okay, now i know what to save $ for to get once it's launched. Hehe.

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With Jamie!

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Pretty Tricia!

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Reiee and Jamie!

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Freda baby!

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Forever excited when there's food lol!

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Photographer is

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LOL LOOK AT THE 2 JOKERS BEHIND?! They knew freda was trying to take a pic for me and started posing! HAHAH TOO CUTE LAH?!

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Thank you Gushcloud for this opportunity! And not forgetting, all the pretty faces from Gushcloud and Pandora who made this such an enjoyable experience. X

GO GET YOURSELF A PANDORA IF YOU DONT ALREADY OWN ONE!!! It's the best accessory to own hehe.

Pandora outlets in Singapore: