Friday, June 21, 2013

Instagram Secrets

I'm an Instagram Addict and because i'm on Instagram so much, i learnt A LOT a bout Instagram.

Do you think your pictures are nice and you wish to get more Likes/Followers?

In this post i'm gonna share with ya'll HOW TO GET MORE FOLLOWERS?

As a Blogger, i've to always look for ways to grow! The more followers, the better for my blogging career! AND ONE THING I WILL NEVER DO IS...C H E A T. By cheating, i mean, buying followers.

Here's an example of a website which you can buy Instagram followers from...

I've seen SO MANY bloggers buying followers on Instagram and am so disappointed! It's unfair because clients choose bloggers based on the number of followers on their profile page. Clients wouldn't go investigate and find out if it's real or not.

In this post, i'm going to teach you how to gain more followers the "right way"!


Here are some of the top hashtags on Instagram...


This depends on which country you're in. In Singapore, from experience, the best timing to post pictures is between 5pm-9pm. I don't know if it applies to everyone or only me but i assume it is because it's the time people end school/work and are on the bus/train on their way home. If you post your pictures at 2-6am in the morning, don't expect to get that many likes/new followers cus most people in in Singapore are asleep!


Don't post just ANYTHING. Make sure it's a "beautiful" picture, what i would call, "Instagram Worthy".

"When I first started using Instagram I tried to use it as a sort of photo diary: updating pictures of drinks, my dog, or a fun evening out," "I soon realized that Instagram is better served as a place to surface artistic, beautiful photos. Maybe it's the filters, or the community, but people tend to really enjoy and respond to beauty on the service."


Know what you are best at. Some people are good at posting food pictures, some of their faces, some of their OOTDs, some only post Black & White pictures....know what works for you best and stick to that if you can. Not EVERYONE can post nice food pictures, or nice OOTDs.


Be friendly, comment on people's pictures to get noticed! Of course, don't get all obsessed and comment on EVERYONE'S picture. You'll just look like you're "trying too hard" - which will turn people off.


If you're at Marina Bay Sands, GEOTAG IT! People who are in the area will see your picture if they tap the location's name and if they view your profile and like your pictures, you just gained a new follower!


I also recently tried something out to see if it'll work cus i saw a few people doing it. Especially bloggers but not sure if it's cus they want to make their name look more interesting or if they want to get "noticed". It is VERY popular among overseas Nail Art/Beauty/Food/Fashion Instagram accounts with over 100k followers.

Trick is to add a symbol in front of my name,

eg. * TAMMY TAY *

(This is an example of my friend's Following List, where i appear 1st due to the symbol in front)

You can try the following too if you don't like the * , !Tammy! or ~Tammy~ or (Tammy)

DO NOT put a Emoji, the emoji will only put you at the back of the list if sorted alphabetically. 

This will help you appear the First on your follower's Following List if the list is sorted alphabetically. I realized this pattern, it's only sorted out alphabetically if your follower follows less than 100 people. I'm not sure about you guys but i like to look at who people are following so i click on people's Following List pretty often! If there are many who are like me out there and your name appears first on the list, i'm sure it'll help in getting noticed! 

Still unsure about the results so i'm trying it out for a few days to see if my followers grow faster or not.

Hope this post helps you gain more followers if you've been wondering how! GOOD LUCK!

Oh and lastly, remember to LINK your FACEBOOK/TWITTER account to your Instagram account. That will help!

If you wanna follow me, it's @ohsofickle


  1. do you think buying instagram follower is not fair or whats your point ? People buy instagram followers so as to kick-start their portfolio so more and more people will follow them later. If you meant this is not fair, then why buy instagram followers got so many positive reviews online ?

    1. I don't think it's right for bloggers to do it - cus clients are paying them to advertise a product according to the number of followers they have eg. if you have 10k followers, you get paid $30 so if you have 20k followers, you get paid $60.

      But for companies who do it to kick-start their portfolio, it's NOT SO BAD - but i still don't think it's right but everyone sees things differently. :)

  2. which is a trustworthy website to buy followers? not a blogger, but i thought i could explore some options for myself :) thanks tammy!

    1. I have never actually done any research on which is the best cus i'm totally not interested in buying but I'm sure if you google it, you will be able to find many review sites!

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