Monday, June 3, 2013


Thanks to Gushcloud, my boyfriend and i got to watch Dirty Dancing at MBS!

Here's a video on it...

I just kept staring at Penny's (i think that's her name lol) legs...LOL.

Tickets available here.

The story between Baby and Johnny is quite nice, "There are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them." :)

After the show, we checked into our room at Marina Bay Sands!

Super cute polka dot dress which will be up on soon!

We did a photoshoot for a Lovescapade with Melvin from Multifolds

It was a real joy working with him once again! This talented photographer sure knows how to make people feel comfortable during a shoot. It was filled with so much laughing and i really had so much fun. One of my favorites shoots, EVER. I can't wait for the pictures to be out! :)

Can you guess the theme for the shoot already? Hehe.

Ordered Room Service! This is the 3rd time staying in MBS and i always always order the room service here cus the food's good! This time we ordered for Western Food - i usually order the Local dishes!

Looks quite sad but the fish was really yummy and fresh! THE CURLY FRIES ARE AWESOME TOO.

Mushroom soup. I must say this was the only dish which i wasn't a fan of cus it was too bitter. :( I usually love mushroom soups so this was disappointing.

Caesar Salad!

My beef burger was DOPE!!! I finished it all. The meat was cooked medium and slightly bloody - super tasty. The bacon was good - can't go wrong with bacon! The bun was crispy at the side and soft inside. I LOVED IT!

Small cute bottles!

Was such a good Saturday! :D