Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clothes Buffet 2

See you at the Beer Market - Clarke Quay (near the taxi stand)

We will be having a clothes buffet! Come early or everything will be snapped up!

Event starts at 2pm!

I predict it'll all get snapped by up 5pm so do come early! :)

Our buffet will be $30/bag - can fit around 6 items!


I have 50 VIP passes to give away for the event above!

5 blogshops will be doing a clothes buffet!

These passes will entitle you entry to the event from 12-2pm. 
Event will only be opened to non-VIP holders after 2pm.

Please leave your email address in the comment box below and i will choose 25 people (giving each person a pair of passes) to give the VIP passes to!

(please check your inbox for the email to see if you have won the VIP passes!)