Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Failed Again

Today has to be one of the worst day ever.

Took my driving test for the 3rd time and FAILED. My reaction when the tester came out with the results? I CRIED. Cus I couldn't believe it?!

The first 2 times I took the test, I knew I was gonna fail cus I mounted a kerb and that's an immediate failure. I blame myself for being so nervous. I'm taking Private lessons so I didn't have much lessons in the circuit as those in School. However, this time round, I made sure I was good and I didn't make mistakes in the circuit at all! I also kept counting to 10 & taking deep breaths to calm my nerves.

HOWEVER, according to the tester, I was not careful on the road. This surprised me because I was?! His exact words "you can drive but you don't check mirrors and confirm safety". But I am so sure I checked the mirrors and blind spots, drove at the speed limit...etc. Ok I made one mistake, which was to cross the line by a bit at the pedestrian crossing but still, I thought everything else was good and I'd pass. SADLY, that was not what I saw on the results. I was sooooo sad! Even my instructor told me he felt sad for me. My instructor was as confident as I was. Yesterday he told me to bring a passport photo cus he said "you are sure gonna pass". :(

WHY?!?! :( 

The next time (4th TP) I take the test in October, I GOT TO PASS MAN! I'd totally give up getting my license if i dont. Everyone around me has their license already....why they can pass and I can't?! I mean if I'm really bad my instructor would tell me right? He wouldn't tell me I'm really good and ill surely pass. 

Sad, sad day.