Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Donna's 21st Birthday Surprise!  Minion Theme Party at her rooftop.

So glad her surprise went well! She is so lucky to have such a spontaneous and fun family (oh and not to mention, friends HEHE)!

Happy Birthday, Princess Pony! I don't think i'll ever find anyone more suitable to call my sister. Haha. Please always stay this bubbly and thank you for coming into my life! I can never be bored with you around, oh the crazy things we do and talk about! I promise to always look after you like a big sister. Always here for you. I love You. :)


Ly's Belated Birthday Dinner at Timbre

 I really like their 4 Cheese Pizza!

Timbre is a really nice place to chill out at night. Food was so-so. Liked the pizza the most. I love thin crust pizzas! The non alcoholic drinks were quite pricey though? $8 for a cup of coke i think? Maybe it applies only to the non-alcoholic drinks. I'm not sure about the beer and all, didn't look at the price list of the alcoholic drinks. Hopefully it's reasonable. I'd be a lil happier if the drinks prices were lowered but still, i'd go back there for the live band, Goodfellas. Be very impressed with the local talents playing because I SURE WAS and i hope one day those locals bands make it big and go international! :)

Timbre @ The Substation
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936
+65 6338 8030 (Call after 5pm)