Monday, July 8, 2013

Paris Day 3

Fall in Love, Go Shopping, Drink Coffee, Get Lost, Have Fun!

Paris Visuals 
Day 3

Went to Rue Cambon - the first Chanel Boutique to get myself a Chanel Boy! I got the small one cus they only had one medium and Gwen reeeeally wanted me to get her the medium so i sacrificed. The small looks really good anyway~ :) The difference between shopping at the Rue Cambon boutique and the other Chanel boutiques is that at the Rue Cambon outlet, they give you a white box and paper bag instead of the usual black one!

 Call me a weirdo but i like Laduree more than Pierre Herme. EVERYONE i asked liked Pierre Herme more. I like Laduree more cus there are more flavors and NOTHING BEATS THE PISTACHIO FLAVOURED ONE. I think i had like 6 of it already (they have the giant macaroon the size of my palm - probably bigger and i had 2 of it! SO YUMS), another 4 waiting for me in my refrigerator as i type this out and i think i'm going to run to the kitchen to get a piece now. 

After all the shopping and food around the area, we walked around the area and hopped on a city tour bus for some sightseeing!

After the tour we went to walk around Avenue Montaigne, where we witness a couple on a horse carriage. The guy had a bouquet of roses and a ring. It was so touching and romantic!! Now that's Paris. A pity i didn't manage to capture it on my camera but it was the most beautiful thing.

Back at the hotel, we saw 3 cute vintage Chevys waiting for us - it brought us around Paris for more sightseeing at night.

 Saw the eiffel tower light up and close up. So glad that is now off my bucket list.

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