Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paris Day 1

Hello from Paris!

Flew to Paris yesterday by Air France!

Our seats were Premium Economy seats and i was really very pleased with it as it was comfy! It was almost like business class seats and i am surprised i managed to get some good sleep during the long flight (about 12 hours if i'm not wrong?).

7 of us (Mae, Kaykay, Boy Thunder, JianHao & our managers, Sheena and Freda) from Gushcloud are on this sponsored trip by Air France to Paris!

I watched Side Effects on the plane. 2nd time watching it because THE SHOW IS SO GOOD. The storyline is amazing and pretty mind-fxcking. Go get the DVD if you haven't watched it!

We checked into Hotel Ibis - Eiffel Tower

 Room is simple and clean. It's kinda small though but who cares! You'd be out most of the time anyway. Most importantly it's clean and safe!

Walked around the area and had lunch.

We checked out Champs Elysees - a shopping street.

 We met THE WANTED in Paris!

 Why do they make a dog make money for them :(

The A&F is HUGE?! The entrance is whoaaaa.

Mussels at Léon de Bruxelles, Paris are a MUST TRY! I don't think i'll ever taste mussels that good EVER.

I got a pot and finished it all by myself + the fries were free flow. I hope we go back on the 5th day cus I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

At night we went to watch Moulin Rouge. No pictures allowed, sadly.

The amount of dancers, the stunning costumes and the props were amazing! The show is quite long but it's all good! It is a must see if you are in Paris not because it is the best show on ever but because you are in PARIS!

Done with Day 1's post. :) Can't wait to share Day 2 with ya'll. :)