Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm finally back in Singapore!

Was on a work trip on Monday-Wednesday then on Thursday-Sunday I was in KL partying it up with #thepartyinvaders! 

Around 20+ (i really cant remember how many people went lol) went to KL for the long Raya + National Day weekend. 

Lotsa good food, booze and FUN! I feel super tired from all that craziness but so happy I managed to have so much fun! Food in KL is amazeballz man! I am back 2-3kg heavier. SAYS A LOT BOUT THE FOOD HUH!

I'm intending to do a Vlog on the trip but I'm having a suuuuper bad sore throat and I sound terrible (my voice is needed for the voice overs I plan to include in the video). I hope I get my voice back so the vlog can be completed! :)