Sunday, August 25, 2013


Whenever i'm down, i love going to Bangkok. I feel so comfortable there. The food is simply AMAZING.

This trip i didn't check out any place different, went back to most of the restaurants i blogged about in THIS POST

Eating in Bangkok is always an amazing experience.

Despite feeling guilty for indulging in so much good food for 3 days straight without any form of exercise, I AM HAPPY.

There's one place i did go to this time round which i didn't blog about...

It's located at Huai Khwang (hui-kuang). It's a night market where you can find food, beauty stuff, clothes...etc! There's also this Hello Kitty shop which you definitely won't miss cus it's SUPER PINK. 

At Huai Khwang i went to this stall where they serve super yummy pork leg rice and noodles. Y'know the popular pork leg rice at Pratunam everyone talks about? Well that's only available before 1pm and so if you wake up late you won't get to have it. However the one at Huai Kwang opens till late!!! So which means, if you missed the one at Pratunam and you really want to eat pork leg rice, go to this stall! IT IS EQUALLY GOOD. Maybe even better because the portion is bigger. :)

 The Basil Pork at Noi Seafood is A MUST HAVE I LOVEEEEEE IT!!!

 My favorite beef noodles stall at MBK food court!

 Mellow Chicken Wings

 Parma Ham w Truffle Oil pizza from Mellow!

Pratunam Wanton Mee~~~ Cannot stand how little it Finished it in like 5 min?