Monday, September 23, 2013

Korean BBQ Buffet

I really eat like a man so i don't really like asking my girl friends out to eat cus i'll always feel so terrible and guilty. Recently i've been going to restaurants with this 2 boys who really love food as much as i do and it's such a joy having them as foodie buddies. I thought when i lost my bf i'd not be able to explore food places as much as before but thankful for my foodie buddies! Could be a bad thing though....cus i still can't eat clean and lose those extra pounds lol.

So yesterday, I wanted to have Korean BBQ pretty badly and we went to Dae Bak (my favorite korean BBQ restaurant in SG) and it was CLOSED. Was so sad ok!!!! So we drove to Tanjong Pagar Rd cus there are a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants there. We decided on having dinner at 2D1N (2 Days 1 Night)! They have the normal Korean food and Korean BBQ. We had the Korean BBQ Buffet and IT WAS GOOD & CHEAP! 

We each paid less than $30 each for free flow grilled meat, seafood, vegetables, cooked food, fruits, drinks etc. SUPER GOOD DEAL HUH!

The meat was fresh and good. I really liked the beef short ribs a lot. The staff will frequently help you to change the aluminum foil so it's pretty clean and neat. 

I highly recommend this place for Korean BBQ!!!

2D1N Soju Bang 2 Days 1 Night
#01-01, 44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road


Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:30
Mon - Fri: 17:30 - 03:00


  1. Try STARKING Korean restaurant next time! It's just down the street! Awesome food and cheaper than 2D1N too. The best thing is they don't use aluminum foil kinda of stove but like those electric ones which is much healthier!

    1. Tried, and the food sucked, bought from groupon and regret when I went there

  2. have you already done your plastic surgery??
    which one is it?

    1. Nope. Next month. I only mentioned I'm gonna get it done 2 days ago? Lol.

    2. sorry, is that i'm in university, and i don't have oportunity to come every every day to blogspot to see updates >_< and yes you don't need it, but i already read your new post so it's ok since you know every single thoughts of ours.
      this guy below is saying to cut your eyes bigger. I have something to say about that. I'm from Portugal, and i would like you to know that i love asian looks, i really think it's so chique and fresh look, a look of an original asian. I would love that asians could have their original eyes since it's their original characteristic and a thing that make them diferent. If the hole world has the same looks... it's going to be boring.
      and you are beautifuuuuuuuulll! really =D really pretty. FIGHTING!

  3. U shld cut ur eyes bigger

  4. Lyeyee is doing the plastic surgery with you? :)

  5. what kind of seafood is available during the buffet? thanks:)