Sunday, October 6, 2013

D's Birthday

Booked a room at Park Royal Pickering for D's Birthday Surprise! 

There's also the living area but i forgot to snap pictures of that

The cupcakes from My Sister Bakes were SOOOOO YUMMY! Like seriously better than a lot of cupcakes in SG.

Happy Birthday D!

I remember our 1st year together, we went to Japan to celebrate it and it was also your birthday. Everyday in Japan we would walk pass this bar/restaurant near our hotel which played a very annoying Halloween Song which went like this "halloweeeeeen, trick or treat!!! x100times" and everyday we'd walk back to the hotel singing that horribly annoying song! The night before your birthday, I told you we had to check out that place to see what it's like inside. We went in, had a beer, and I told you I had to go to the toilet to poop. At 12 sharp, the lights went off, I ran to our booth and then came the waiters and waitresses and a super cute birthday cake and oh boy, that expression on your face was priceless. :)

Year 2 together, I surprised you with tickets to Legoland and a stay in JB. I remember telling you I needed to go to a mall to get toiletries (but all I wanted was to find a mall that sells cakes). After getting my toiletries, you said you wanted to go to the toilet. So I ran to the nearest cafe which was Secret Recipe, ordered a cake, and sat there alone. You called sounding pissed off cus I disappeared and you thought I wandered off again (things I do when I'm in a mall, #shopaholicproblems). I told you I was at the cafe sitting down cus I was hungry and you sounded pissed and went "what? Hungry again? Walaoooo". Then you came, and tadah!!! So did your cake! Hehe. And there, I caught another priceless expression.

It was nice being able to spend 2 of your birthdays being the only special one by your side. I hope you won't forget those times!

This year it's a pity I can't be The One but hey, this year's birthday cake is still bought by me. :P You single but still "bo bei zhao". Haha. Hope you enjoyed your night! 

p.s so many people asked me if we're back together so i decided to answer this here....nope! But we are still good friends!!! And i do love him la duhhhh hahaha.