Friday, November 29, 2013

Funny Dream

I keep dreaming of really funny stuff and I thought why not share it here so you guys can have a laugh too.

So I just woke up from a dream and I dreamt of a fighting fish with a chihuahua head. A long coat chihuahua. Picture that! I saw it swimming in an aquarium and was very fascinated and kept going "OMG so cute! It's a swimming chishy (chihuahua x fishy) !!!". Then that Chishy came out of the tank and started walking on the ground like a normal dog. HAHAHA. Was squealing like mad in my dream! Till I woke up.

Just 2 nights before I had another dream, of chihuahuas again...they were flying like birds. Picture this, instead of the mynahs you see flying around, it's chihuahuas! I could keep any I wanted as a pet. Haha.

Oh what's up with my chihuahua dreams?! I must have been away from home too long and missed my dogs too much.