Saturday, November 2, 2013


I miss blogging OMG

The moment i saw this box my heart started beating very quickly cus i felt this need to update this space with some words, AT LEAST.

It was Day 10 yesterday. I ditched my sunglasses cus and the doctor told me by Day 10 i am allowed to put on make up so I DID. Then, i went out to a birthday party where I met so many people and received great compliments on my eyes but a lot of people said my nose looks damn huge and pig-like cus it's still pretty swollen. :( I think it'll take another 1-2 weeks to look "normal" and another 3-4 weeks to look the way i want it to look. Still, i think my recovery is really quite speedy already and i am not gonna complain but instead, be thankful. My 5 important stuff to recovery - Arnica, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Ice Pack and Face Massages.

The past week i have been spending most of my time in the West side of Sg and oh how different it is from where i live!!! BUT YKNOW WHAT....I really like it leh?! Hahahahaha. I am so weird. I look forward to checking out all the different malls in the west. Totally enjoying my Journey to the West.

Anyway, i'll try to start taking pictures now since i can put make up already and hopefully i can get this space updated with something interesting soon! :)