Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tokyo (Ichiran Ramen, Tsukiji Fish Market)

WOOOOOOHOOOOO! I am back in Tokyo after 2 years. Japan (Tokyo) is my favorite country of all the countries i've visited. The food is just super awesome and the country is so clean.

Didn't expect myself to be on a holiday and snapping pictures of myself this quick cus i only had my surgery done 15 days ago and am still quite swollen! A lot of people think my current look is the "final" look but nope, i have another 15-30 more days of recovery to see more results, hopefully better results! My nose is still pretty swollen but my eyes have more or less healed though! :) For more plastic surgery enquiries you can contact IVY:+65 91999621 She is the "middle man" between me and the surgeon in Korea! If you are keen on getting surgery done in Korea, you can contact her and she will arrange everything for you like hotel stay....etc.

Anyway, back to my holiday! So yes, it was such an impromptu decision to go to Tokyo but i am sooooo glad i did because I LOVE IT HERE. :)

The first thing i had to do when i reached Tokyo was to...


To me it is the best lah....hahaha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT AND I MISSED IT SOOOOOO DAMN MUCH!

Order from the vending machine!

Select the hardness of noodles and richness of soup base etc!


How to get to Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya?

1. Alight at JR Shinjuku Station - Take the Hachiko Exit

2. At the Junction, spot Tsutaya, then walk to the Starbucks at Tsutaya. 

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3. From the Starbucks you should see OICITY or a Huge Zara Store.

4. You should see the Red Ichiran Signboard! Ichiran is in the Basement. :)

 Freshness Burger~

 Cute grey toy poodle with purple highlights~

The next morning we woke up at 5am and went to Tsukiji Fish Market. We missed the Tuna auction but that's okay cus the main aim was to go get our tummies filled with fresh sushi!

You should go early to avoid queues! It sounds crazy early but i remember the previous time i didn't go so early and had to queue pretty long!

There are quite a number of restaurants around the market. The more well-known and popular ones are Sushi Dai and Daiwa-Zushi. I decided to try something else instead and went to Sushi Zanmai this time round and it was pretty good as well eh! But i'm seriously contemplating to go back later in the morning to Sushi Dai hehe.

Super fresh Chutoro (medium fatty tuna) and Ootoro (super fatty tuna) sushi!



How to get to Tsukiji Fish Market?

Tsukiji Market is just above Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Oedo Subway Line. 
Alternatively, it can be reached in a five minute walk from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line. The closest JR station is Shimbashi, from where you can walk to the market in about 15 minutes.

From Tokyo Station
Take the Marunouchi Subway Line from Tokyo to Ginza (3 minutes) and transfer to the Hibiya Subway Line to get to Tsukiji Station (3 minutes). The fare is 160 yen.

From Shinjuku Station
Take the Oedo Subway Line directly from Shinjuku Station to Tsukiji Shijo Station. The one way trip takes 20 minutes and costs 260 yen. 

Ok and that's my top 2 favorite place in TOKYO i've been wanting to go back to for 2 years hehehe.

Back with more pictures soon~~~