Saturday, December 28, 2013

Girlfriend Code

There's one thing I absolutely cannot stand. That is good friends sharing the same boy. How is it possible for them to sleep on the same bed (assuming the girls sleepover at the guy's place which is most likely the case)? How is it possible for them to kiss the same lips?

It's disgusting, no? No matter how nice the guy is to you, if it is your friend's bf, you should keep a distance. It's like an unspoken rule? To not be too close to your good friend's bf?

I don't know if many practice this but I do and I know my close girlfriends like DX and Donna do too. Which I am thankful for. Plus, there is absolutely no way I'll give them up for a guy. The guy might only be nice to you in the beginning but in time to come, things will change. Never be over confident he will stay nice forever. Of course he is nice la....every guy can be nice if they want to get in your pants? But so what if he is nice? Boundaries my dear BOUNDARIES. He is your friend's. Don't even go near! There are so many other guys out there who will be nice to you. Youre so pretty, difficult to find meh? I will never do what you did. I love my friends so much because no matter what, they never leave - they stick to me through thick and thin. How can one betray the trust and let go of a friendship over a guy who might turn out to be unworthy? Good friends are hard to find and once you lose them, you might never ever find another one like them.

What makes the whole situation worse is when this blogger actually gave up a relationship which was over 2/3 years long? For her friend's bf? Totally unacceptable?! Ok they may be having problems in the relationship and it's fine to break up but let go of a 2/3 years rship just like that and get together with another guy in just a few days. This would mean during her relationship before the break up, she was already talking to the guy her bestie was seeing. Poor ex bf of hers is still in army some more. No explanation can make up for it. Love? What love? One should never set eyes on their good friend's bf in the first place. Your gf's bf should always be FRIENDZONED. Even if he shows interest in you, as a girl you need to know the unspoken rule!!! I don't know how her friend feels but I feel angry and sad for her friend. What an absolute disappointment! Seriously, I will never have the heart to hurt my best friend like that. Ever. "I chose happiness"...*roll eyes* only a heartless friend can say that??

It's really none of my business but it really pisses me off for some weird reason. It's the actions of the girl I think is inappropriate and disgraceful. One may be blessed with good looks and all but seriously, a heart like that is undeserving. Spare a thought for your best friend - one who has always been there for you through the good times and the bad. What a selfish act. Looks are deceiving.

Why aren't you treasuring your close friends even after seeing some leave your life? What's the meaning of friendship to some i wonder?