Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gushcloud X'mas

On Saturday, i had Christmas dinner at Overeasy with the Gushcloud family!

It is amazing how much Gushcloud has grown over the years and the amazing people i've met in this community. It's so fun going for GC gatherings cus every time i go, i meet more and more fun people. Plus everyone is so good looking and interesting!

Here are some pictures i took with the beautiful people from Gushcloud.

My hair was supposed to look like this for dinner but then i decided to switch to a normal pony tail cus i was afraid it'll be too much. Haha.

Thank you Bryan from Essensuals Bugis for this hair do! :)

 This is Eunice! One of the most hardworking blogger/model in SG! She is one girl who is really gonna make it big in this industry.

 This is Mae. The girl who gets to get upclose with a lot of celebrities. Young and hot and very lucky. Still, she remains very down to earth and humble...LOVE HER.
 And that's of my favorite girl since Secondary School! If not for her, i wouldn't be in GC! Hehe.

 That's Symone, my first time meeting her that day! And the very pretty and successful Zhou sisters!

Little Miss Popular, Naomi Neo whom i really am proud of being friends with and my cute little Didi the Youtube star, Jianhao!

 Met Kife for the first time! Boy with amazing complexion!

Berlin! Girl with very pretty eyes. 

 Girl who takes the nicest OOTD shots, Willabelle!

Check out my amazing wedges i got from Solestruck :)

Very happy and proud to be part of this family and i look forward to the year 2014! :) A new year with greater opportunities. Whee~~