Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New In

A lot of people asked me recently if i've fully recovered from my face surgery. Well my eyes are more or less fully recovered already!!! Yay!!! However, i think the recovery of my nose is awfully slow! :( When people told me recovery of nose takes 6 months, i thought to myself "nah, can't be that long lah!" but sadly, NOW I KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE. It's 1 and a half months and my nose still looks kinda huge! Some days i wake up and it's small but some days it's big?! I don't know what's happening man....IT SUCKS. If this is the final result of my rhinoplasty, I'D BE SAD. My nose looks damn bulbous from some angles. 

Anyway! Here are pictures from the recent ShopOhsofickle shoot!

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I sure don't look like a sick girl huh? Just ook at how happy and healthy i look? And the amount of weight gained? Happy weight i call it....someone's feeding my well. ;) But well, y'know what they say "looks are deceiving".... :( ain't no healthy girl here! Won't deny i'm still quite happy cus i feel blessed having some people stick with me through the bad times.