Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Here I am sitting in the hospital with so much frustration in me.

Why? Why me? Why must I get this illness which will affect my job?! I really really need to travel but with this illness, I've to visit the clinic EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 months to take medicine so I can't travel. If I skip a day they'd quarantine me and I'll get into deep shit. The thought of going everyday for 2 months scares me leh. I can just take at home what?! But no, according to MOH they have to make sure patients take medicine on time etc. Zzz. This whole incident is making me extremely depressed. I just feel like crying now!!!

Gotta go back to the hospital again tomorrow. I hate it! I hate the hospital so much! I've been going in and out for months already. I never want to ever go through this shit ever again. :( PLEASE. Once I recover ill definitely try leading a much healthier lifestyle and be very careful especially whenever I'm in China. Right now I really need a miracle. I hope the 6-9 months will pass by fast. Never thought a day like this will be reliant on medication for months. :/ well thank god it's not going to be in me forever and I can be fully cured so I shouldn't worry too much and over think. 

And also I am thankful I have this space which allows me to share and complain about the good &a bad stuff happening in my life ~ hmm not like as if I haven't complained enough to my friends and family hahaha.