Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TPI Yacht

The Party Invaders had a Christmas gathering on a yacht on Sunday! We all had such a blast on the yacht and doing sea sports. 

Despite being a few shades tanner and suffering from some bruises after being thrown violently into the sea while wake-boarding, i had a hell lot of fun and i really look forward to the next party. :) 2013, i am thankful to be part of TPI and it really is all made possible thanks to the great and powerful Sofie!

Reached early so W brought us around his estate for a short tour!

Saw the most beautiful houses in SG! So lucky to be living in there!

On board with Manda!

Karei, Audrey, Daryl and DX!

Jacuzzi tub which we later soaked ourselves in with lotsa foam! Felt like a scene in the movies hahaha

Pretty Sophia!

My favourite people

Pezzo Pizza! Look at all that pizza!!!

Pretty Kalyn

Eric with his signature sexy intense eyes.

Sofie and DX!

Min and Eugene

Audrey, Daryl and Karei

Blogger doing what bloggers do best



Then came the most fun part of the day!

All excited cus we're doing this for the first time!

And off we go!!!

However we fell off like after maybe 30 seconds? LOL!

We each took around 10 min struggling to get out of the water and back on the float. Torturous 10 was SO DIFFICULT.

Then we fell off again...

And again...

And then...



This is definitely not our thing!

Ended up staying in a room at One Degree 15 cus alcohol made someone do it. Lol.

And that was my Super Sunday! I am super thankful and happy to be surrounded with so many spontaneous and fun people.