Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eat & Exercise

Yay to jogging 10km tonight! Not my best timing but it's been 3 months since I did 10km. 

I choose to eat and then exercise so I don't gain weight. I'm the kinda girl who finishes all her rice and sometimes have second servings because my appetite is humongous. I'm eating all the time and my friends are amazed at how much food I can input in my body. At the rate I eat, I should be way fatter but I'm proud to say I'm at a healthy weight and don't have an ugly bulging tummy. 

Occasionally I still face certain weight issues because I stupidly compare myself to models. But that's fine, I'm only human right? 

There's really no secret to why I don't gain that much weight because I love jogging! Everytime after a sinful meal, I try my best to go for a 30min jog. Although it's short, it works. And on days I feel like I ate a cow, I go for longer runs. Sometimes I think, wow at the rate I'm exercising my body should be way nicer but well, I really love food and enjoy eating too much so ill just make do with this body. Haha. I can't wait for the day I cut down my food intake so I can achieve a VS body but for now, let me eat and share good food places with y'all. Today was great as I went to 2 places for really good food so do look forward to my next post!