Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day

The holiday of love when sweeties across the country celebrate with crimson roses, chocolate hearts, cuddly stuffed animals and candlelit dinners for two.

I've always been a girl who looks forward to Valentines Day because since i was in Secondary School, it has been a day i receive awesome presents! Even though i was not that chio, I was lucky to be a girl in school who had boys going after me so it kinda felt like a "second birthday". It has always been a day i'd expect something to be given to me.

However, V'day is in 2 days time and unlike the past few years, i'm not in the mood for it. I don't care if my boyfriend gives me roses or not....i really really don't. Usually i'd be all like "omg i'm so excited i wonder what he has planned for me!!!". My whole mindset towards this day changed so much. Honestly, to me Valentine’s Day is all about women and the burden lies on the men to make it special - Men won't necessarily see the lovey-dovey gestures returned. It's a time most girls get to "show off" to their friends how "awesome" and "sweet" their boyfriends are. I don't know why but this year, i'm totally cool if my boyfriend doesn't do anything. I'd usually expect a surprise or something but i think my boyfriend has given me quite a bit the whole time we've been together that i really don't expect anything. That's actually a new feeling to feel with my feel like i've received so much that i don't want anymore? Haha.

I see people treat one another like absolute crap 364 days of the year, but on February 14th, they’re nice to one another – and that somehow magically means that they are in love. That’s not love. Love is being nice to one another every day. Show your loved ones respect, give them the gift of communication, and don’t think that you have to slap down $100 for a bouquet of roses to say “I love you”.

In fact, i'm considering if i should attend my property class instead of skipping it. The initial plan was to skip the class because it's Valentines Day but then since i really am not particular about having dinner that night and don't mind doing it during the weekend instead i don't think i should skip it anymore. I guess i've grown up and realized there's no need to make a big hoohaa out of Valentines Day? Yay? 

But of course, i'm only a girl, i'd still smile and be happy to receive roses and chocolates lah...Not saying i hate it or anything but instead, i'm just saying i won't feel disappointed and sad if i don't get any because what matters most is my boyfriend treats me well and is nice to me every other day~ Actually, i'd rather receive roses and gifts on a normal day......than on Valentines Day - a day where i already "expect" a gift. Y'know? It's so much sweeter if i came home to a bouquet of roses after a long day at work.