Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amore Fitness

I've been going to Amore Fitness gym for a pretty long time and I think it's one of the best gym in Singapore for ladies! Feeling Good Should Be This Easy.

I used to join mixed gender gyms and I do feel uncomfortable exercising with men around me. It is kinda intimidating cus some look so fierce and tough and I weird to think guys are smellier than girls? Ok oops I said it. :X It's like id rather be around sweaty girls than sweaty boys. :X hahaha! 

Anyhow, yes it is such a joy being in an all girls gym! I love it and I will definitely renew my membership when it ends this year. Plus there are outlets all over Singapore! I live in the east and my bf lives in the west. Whenever I stay over at my bf's I can go to the amore gym in the west side instead of traveling back to the outlet I usually go to (which is Bugis). So convenient! :)

Whenever you first join a gym, you will be given a tour and the trainers would be more than glad to teach you how to use the machines so don't worry about not knowing how to operate it. I know many people ask me what to do at the gym! Well I would suggest you take up a personal training lesson (sometimes you get one free trial so take that opportunity), tell the trainer what you'd like to train and learn the circuit so u can apply it on your own the next time you go to the gym! They are the professionals and can give better tips than me. I also learnt most of the tips from them before I worked out on my own.

This year, Amore has a new package launch.

Introducing the...

Amore Holistic Package!

The new Amore Holistic Package allows one to choose from anything under Amore’s offering to create a personalised package. Meaning you can choose any of Amore’s services which includes the gym, group exercise classes, spa, personal training and more!

I love the Amore Holistic Package and think it's so awesome because after your gym session, you can go for a massage to rejuvenate and relieve your tired and sore muscles!

Also, they have introduced a special points systems, Unipoints, are introduced for cashless, seamless payment and with this package, you will be entitled to choose anything from all of its offerings. On top of this, one will also be entitled to larger birthday discounts and promotions.

Trial promotion is also available for those who want see how it works. Here is a promotion we are running for March:

Experience an all-rounded holistic experience with Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa!
For more information, you can visit  or call 6781 1822