Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chio Mom = Bad Mom

I've been receiving comments about how i'm "unfit" to be a mother just because i complain about "weight gain". That was really gonna be the last post and i was serious about learning to be happy with whatever size. Just let me complain lah...i was just really not used to it. If how i looked was all i cared about, i could just be on a diet however, i still choose to eat enough and healthily so i can gain enough weight so my baby will be healthy. I'm just whining...can? JUST LET ME GIVE IN TO MY "HUMAN EMOTIONS".

And it hurts when i get comments like "give your baby up for adoption lah"....WTF?! OR even "can't wait to see your life spiral down after your child is born"....what the hell? Really? Seriously man. Even before my baby is born, you assume i'm gonna be the worst mom ever?! Just because i complain a bit about my "insecurities" doesn't mean i will not be able look after my child properly or do what i have to do to raise my child the right way. Just because i said i want to be a "chio" mom doesn't mean i'd be a bad mom. Chio Mom = Bad Mom, Ugly Mom = Good Mom??? Is that YOUR LOGIC? You think i don't want what is best for my own child? I obviously won't do anything to harm my child. If say i still go smoke and drink alcohol and get drunk while pregnant then yeah, you can scold me all you want and say those mean stuff because those are obviously WRONG and harmful. That would clearly show i can't give up things which will harm my child. However, if i can't help but still want to look pretty, really very wrong meh?

Anyhow, right now, i'm just super excited and happy. I may have complained a little here and there but believe me, everyday i'm just telling my parents and my friends how happy i am and how i can't wait to hold my lil one in my arms. I just keep counting down to the 9 months! I'm almost halfway there already!!! ALMOST. Well some days i get so excited i feel that time is passing so slowly and i wish i could speed it up but then there are some days i'm all like OMG I'M ALREADY IN THE 2ND TRIMESTER. Things have changed quite a bit now. Every night before i sleep, i read up on motherhood and everyday i am learning something new! It is interesting and exciting.....I CAN'T WAAAAAAIT. I even started finding out which preschool i should enroll my child in. Also cannot stop watching baby videos. My favorite baby has to be XX's Dash! I can replay her instavids of him over and over again!

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