Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week #13

2nd Trimester Week #13 Update
Mood: Low (lack of confidence)

I feel so uncomfortable. I don't really want to meet people. I don't really look pregnant so i just look....fat? Ayyyy...i hate calling myself that but i can't help it recently! :( Makes me feel really ugly and affects my self-esteem so much. It's so low i even think make up can't save me so i can't be bothered to put make up?! 

I am really energetic nowadays though. Really surviving without afternoon naps. It's been a week since i last took an afternoon nap! Woohoo~ I feel normal. Tomorrow i will be swarmed with work and I LOOK FORWARD TO IT! I can get it done well because my energy level is back to normal.

Today i enjoyed a really nice relaxing facial. Can't do my laser and chemical peels though. So it's just a nice hour long face massage and mask. I really love face massages and well i can only enjoy that during facials. It'll be weird to walk to a massage palour and ask for a face massage. Haha. Will blog about the relaxing facial procedure soon. Because i'm preggers, i can't do anything that contains chemicals so everything has to be gentle and it's best to only work with products containing natural ingredients. Auntie Rita customized something for me to maintain my good complexion and help me relax. My complexion looks so much brighter today! Also, i've the pregnancy glow?? My skin has never looked better.  The increase in blood volume during pregnancy brings more blood to the skin, giving it a radiant look. I hope to feel prettier and better about myself soon~

I am also going to start going for pre-natal yoga classes next week which will help me relax and keep fit! Really excited for that and hopefully i'd make new friends with the other mummies-to-be.

Also, Amore Boutique Spa has a prenatal massage they'd like to let me try out! Woohoo~ All the many different things i can do to keep myself calm and relaxed.