Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week #14

I can't wait to "pop". To look pregnant. It's so weird but I don't want to be stuck at this size. I kinda wanna look bigger so I look pregnant and that will give me a valid reason to look "big". Week after week, the increase on the weighing scale scares me. And it's only gonna get worse! I have read a lot and I know this is not a time to be weight conscious and no one should ever attempt to lose weight during pregnancy but...I just find it really tough to accept myself gaining so much. Was it tough for you during pregnancy too? I hope to overcome this "fear of gaining weight" thing and really be genuinely happy about the weight gain. 

This week I visited Taka and saw the baby fair! So tempted to buy baby stuff but I still don't know my baby's gender. About 2 more weeks to go and hopefully I would know my baby gender then! In which week did you find out your baby's gender? I've heard people finding out as soon as Week 14? That's a rare case right? I also read online some mommies not wanting to know the gender of their babies till the day of birth. Wow, how do they contain that excitement?! I'm so kanchiong I just can't wait to find out!!! Since the day I found out I was preggers, I've been looking forward to the day I know the gender. If you are wondering if I have any gender preferences, well...I don't mind either sex. In the beginning I reeeeeally wanted a girl though! How nice it'll be to dress her up in similar outfits as me and make her look like a mini me! She can also wear cute pouffy multi colored tutus that I can never wear at my age. Or more like I can't pull it off. However, after talking to a few mommies who have sons, I realised boys can be a whole lot of fun too! I can dress him up too and he can be a lil dapper. Think lil boy dressed in a white shirt, berms and loafers...oh so cute! Oh not forgetting a pair of aviator glasses. Aww!!! So yes... i love both equally much! I even have a name in mind already. :)

If you are wondering if I have a baby bump...

Yes I think I do after taking this picture at the gym! Look what happened to my flat tummy! I wonder if I'm just fatter now or if it's really a baby bump though? How do you tell the diff? I would like to think it's a baby bump because I've never had a big belly before.