Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week #19 (EDD)

This week's research for me is pretty interesting. Every week I'm learning something new! Whee~

My baby's estimated due date is in September and if he is born on the actual Estimated Due Date, that will make him a Virgo baby. I'm gonna sound like some crazy horoscope enthusiast but I want to remember the thoughts that go through my mind during this pregnancy so I'll just say it haha.

I personally havent had any bad experiences with a Virgo but 5 of my very close friends had Virgo ex boyfriends and the boys seem to have a similar trait. Hmmmmm.....??? When I mentioned this whole horoscope thing to them 5 out of 5 of them were like "No don't be a Virgo, nooooo!" Haha. Anyhows, I have nothing against the Virgos really but of course, I would prefer my baby a Libra. Why? Because I'm a Libra myself and proud of it! I've said it before but I'll say it again, I have met a lot of Libras in my life and I like most Libras a lot! I'm just biased.....haha. Ok I don't really believe in it 100% but I think it's quuuuuite true to a certain extent. But it's not like ill love my baby any lesser if he is born a Virgo la!!! Don't come and flame me for it ah!

So anyway, if I can go a week past my EDD, my baby can be a Libra! My favorite signs are Libra, Gemini and Aquarius! :) So.... I started reading up on people giving birth a week after their Estimated Due Date and it's common! I always thought baby would arrive no later than the EDD but am glad this week's research taught me something new that the baby can arrive after 40 weeks.

Your EDD is around 40 weeks, most women give birth around 38-42weeks!

Here are some more information I found online...

To calculate your due date, your doctor will take the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), and add 280 days (the equivalent of 40 weeks). For example, if your last period started on September 1, your due date would be June 7. This method assumes that your period arrives like clockwork every 28 days. If your cycles are longer, you're likely to deliver later than your due date; if they're shorter, expect to deliver earlier.

A first-trimester sonogram is more trustworthy. Your doctor measures the length of the fetus and size of the gestational sac.

But even if your doctor can pinpoint your due date with laserlike precision, don't expect your baby to show up right on schedule. Because, for all the windows into your womb, no one really understands what triggers labor.

If you're a first-time mom, look at your mother's childbirth history. "If your mother delivered one week past her due date, you are more apt to deliver one week past your due date as well."

Once you've passed your due date, you may wonder whether your baby will arrive later than 42 weeks, or post-term. While Caucasian women tend to have slightly longer pregnancies, as do women under 30, no one knows why some babies take their own sweet time. However, your baby's gender could be a clue: One study found that boy fetuses are more likely to go beyond their due date than girls.

(Reading that last sentence gave me more hope hahaha)

That's not the most important lah, ultimately i pray baby will be born in good health with no complications. But yeah, it'll a be nice if he is a Libra like his mummy!! Hehe. Stay in my tum tum longer baby boy!

This Week's Food Cravings: 
Edamame, Pessimons, Cherry Tomatoes

HOW HEALTHY!!! So proud of myself! May my cravings stay this'll do my body good! :)

Still feeling sluggish this week...wonder when I'll get my energy back. Or is it not coming back?!?! :(