Monday, June 2, 2014

Week #25

Are you bored of my Weekly Pregnancy Updates already??? I hope not because i have approx 15 more weeks to go! Hehe.

Here is a picture of my Week 25 Baby Bump...

It seems to have really grown quite a bit since last week! I can't seem to hide it as well as before...haha. And i am starting to buy XL clothes because the bottom part of my T-Shirts are getting tighter. I love wearing super loose clothes but everything which used to be super loose on me is damn tight now thanks to the growing belly and...MY HUMONGOUS BOOBS. I think it's DD size now leh?! HAHA. It's damn siao i just wear a sports bra everyday now. HAD TO BUY A SIZE L SPORTS BRA. 

I have been applying Clarins Body Oil and Bio-Oil on my tummy everyday since Week 12 to prevent stretch marks on my tummy. I apply Bio-Oil in the morning and Clarins Oil at night. I don't know which is better so i'm using both as there are tons of good reviews for both products. 

I REGRET NOT APPLYING ON MY BOOBS AND MY BUTT AND MY THIGHS THOUGH!!! I think if i were to lose weight next time, i'd have really ugly stretch marks on those areas cus i THINK i can see it forming already? Is that possible to see the stretch marks when my skin is stretched??? My boobs are ALWAYS damn itchy too. Could be the stretching. I'm going to start applying oil on my boobs, butt and thighs now....BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT?

I started at 51kg (my usual is 48-50kg but then it was like Christmas period so i was on an eating spree during that period haha).

Week 25
Current Weight: 62kg
Total Weight Gained: 11kg

My mummy came over with a lot of persimmons for me!!! My all-time favorite fruit. Super heart pain because each one costs like $5-7's so expensive in Singapore! And i always eat like 2 every night after dinner...there goes $14 for supper. Haha.

So fortunate to wake up in this beautiful room :)