Friday, June 20, 2014

Week #27 (Stretch Marks)

Baby Bump at Week 27!
Am i huge already or what?!
Started doing some pre-natal yoga! There are a lot of videos on youtube! 

Here are some i've done... 

My butt looks like it got scratched like crazy by a vicious cat! The stretch marks on my butt is so bad. It looks purple. :( I've been applying a lot of Bio Oil on my butt and I'm praying it won't get any worser. Weirdly, still none on my belly. Hoping I won't get it since I apply Clarins Oil and Bio Oil on my belly so religiously.

Being pregnant has been great so far but I really really miss dressing up :( I miss all the stuff I could wear pre-pregnancy! I miss wearing my heels. I miss taking OOTDs. It's another 3 months more till baby boy is out and Hopefully I drop the baby weight fast since I'm still young hehe

Week 27
Current Weight: 64kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 13kg

A few days ago I went for a 5km brisk walk and boy was it exhausting! I used to jog 10km to feel that exhausted! I always feel out of breath lately. Am forever yawning! 

Despite how tired I am, I do have difficulty falling asleep nowadays. And when I finally fall asleep at night at say 3am, I always wake up at 9 in the morning? Maybe it's cus I can hear hiro running around the house cus he is super energetic in the morning or maybe i just can't sleep more than 6 hrs :/ and then right after having lunch at say 2pm, I NEED TO NAP. Without the nap I'll have headaches and all. 

My whole body is aching :( I managed to find a great masseur who specializes in pre and post natal massage! She came over to give me a good full body massage and I had such a good sleep that night! However by the 2nd day my body ached again. 

Received some stuff from 

I was really really happy that they sent me so many items! I've done my research on all the different items to get and was super happy when sent it to me without me having to ask for it?! Am a lucky mummy! :) Plus, all the items are really one of the best in the market! :) 

It's kinda tough for mummy-to-be to go out to shop for baby items as a lot of items are pretty bulky...and walking around looking for stuff can be exhausting! Shopping online is SO EASY and convenient. Just add all the items in your cart and have it delivered to you in a few days! Most of the items you can find on are very highly raved about products.

The most compact stroller EVER! Age 0 years old till my baby is - 15kg!

Mummies who have used this swear it's the BEST breast pump ever! It's an electric breast pump which is super efficient and easy to use.

To make it more comfortable when breast feeding my baby. 

Honestly, when i saw the picture of this product, i wasn't very impressed. However, when i received it i realized what an awesome product this is!!! It's 3-in-1! You can change it from a stationary cot, to a rocker, and to wheels?! So i can wheel this all over the house! I can easily move it to the living room, to my room and back to my baby's room.

(click on item names to link to the product on their webstore)

Can't wait to use the items!!!

Excited to go for my Week 28 scan next week! :) I love seeing the ultrasound scan pic of my baby.